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It has been awhile since I last reposted these. So they were due for a reappearance, although save for typos nothing has really changed.

Featured Gallery
This is also the most difficult gallery for a submission to gain approval, requiring 3 favorable votes as opposed to just one. It should be the BEST of the best. To go directly into this gallery you should have something either very creative - pose / design / effect or be a visually stunning work. Normally you should only be sending one or two pictures into this gallery.

(UPDATE 10/4/2017 - Due to repeated submission errors and some abuse, this category is now closed to submissions except by the Administrative staff. Some pictures may be resorted into other galleries reflecting the reorganization of this gallery.)

Digital Catgirls Gallery
This gallery features works that have been created using digital media or have been digitally inked / colored. DA reports it has been filed, so pictures are now going to Digital Catgirls Gallery 2

Traditional Media Gallery
This gallery features works that have been created by traditional media and scanned / photographed for posting on the DA system. (Minor digital touch ups or color corrections are acceptable)

Lineart Gallery
Originally intended for line art, this gallery has also become the home to most black and white, or limited shading artwork.

Mature Rated Catgirls
Open to any media, this gallery is intended to hold any thign that would be rated above PG-13 or that may be a little too risqué for the general viewing audience. When in doubt, this gallery is a safe bet.

Mature Catgirls Lineart
As above, but for pictures that are just inked, black/white or have limited shading.

Cosplay Catgirls
This gallery is the home/showcase for photographs of Cosplay catgirls. For general photography, if you have a genuine neko girl, please call the nearest genetics lab to confirm and once confirmed will definitely a Featured gallery character.  For the cosplay characters if the character is recognizable as being from the Anime, Comics, Broadway shows or TV Series or using make-up or body paint to portray a catgirl, ** and  ** the photo is of reasonable quality, you may post it here.  Note - this gallery may contain mature content - viewer digression is advised

Photomorphic Catgirls
This is the gallery for models who have been digitally altered into cute / playful catgirls.  
Note - this gallery may contain mature content - viewer digression is advised

The Library
Your home for fiction. You may post stories / graphic novels into this category. Stories being posted should either be complete. self contained, or end at a logical story point (cliffhanger, chapter end, page end) at time of posting. English language is helpful but foreign language submissions may be submitted as well. (NOTE: non-English submissions may be substantially delayed do to the need for translation.) Stories MUST feature a catgirl / neko as one of the main characters. Graphic novels / comics are permitted, however they may be more appropriate and appreciated in one of the illustration galleries.  In all cases, stories should be free from most common grammatical and spelling errors.

There are a few restrictions on what is acceptable for posting in the galleries.

1) For artistic creations, the base character should be recognizable as a Neko girl - her feline characteristics such as tail, ears, claws, fangs, or fur are not removable  (Were-cats or those transformed into a feline form are allowable if shown while feline)

2) Pictures should feature the catgirl as one of the main characters in the image or playing a significant role in the image.

3) The word on costumes remains: NO. So sadly, even my favorite feline themed heroines and villains do not make the cut. Cosplay of a neko character is welcome as part of the Cosplay gallery if an actual costume, makeup, or body paint is used.  Photomorphs would be the correct category for pictures that utilize digital editing, manipulation or post photographic effects,

4) When it comes to alien, Pokémon, Digimon, and similar characters, a key factor can be summed up as, "is the base creature considered FELINE in origin?" For example in the Star Trek Universe, as well as Larry Niven's Known Space universe, Caitians, and Kzinti (Kzin) are recognized as feline in origin. From Outlaw Star, the Ctarl-Ctarl are also a feline alien species. Unfortunately, WOG from their creator James Cameron, has clearly stated that while having feline characteristics, the Na'vi are NOT feline.

5) Regretfully, some art submissions will just not be up to the level that we want to showcase within our galleries. Rejections may be due to a variety of factors including: poor scanning (too faint / poor contrast); inappropriate media choices - (HINT --> lined paper is a big killer); Work in Progress (WIP) that is not at a stage where is could stand alone; or a picture that is just too rough/unfinished. This rejection is not a commentary on the artist. We do allow as much as we can and want to be friendly to starting artists. But we also want to show off catgirls at their best.

6) Pictures submitted to the wrong gallery may be rejected without further comment or may be substantially delayed in being approved, especially true in the case of the Featured Gallery. You are welcome to resubmit pictures to the correct gallery for reconsideration.
More Journal Entries




Gallery Folders

Tally Cat by 12-tf

Mature Content

Happy Halloween (blood moon version) by yuureikun

Mature Content

Steampunk Cat by Magna-omega

Mature Content

Night of the Werecat by liminalbean
Digital Catgirls - closed

Mature Content

Cheetah by KillerMoon
Izumi by mandalorianjedi

Mature Content

C: bat bat by Clue000
Commission - Katt BOF2 by RoninDude
Digital Catgirls 2
Tigress 3 by SaulJinzler
Tigress by SaulJinzler

Mature Content

My Halloween BG by Inusen
Penelope Nekos by CyberTheHedgehog270
Traditional Media Catgirls
M'ress Sketch by MoonlitFlames
Ankha Sketch by MoonlitFlames
Kitty Ornaments by TraceMem
Felicia by rawjawbone
Catgirl Lineart - Grayscale - Black+White
Inktober 2017 Day 14: Fierce by StalkingP
Cat Woman by Elias-Chatzoudis

Mature Content

Mrs. Wattersons Curves (16+) by krocialblack
Felicia from Darkstalkers by Z-Dude69
Mature Rated Catgirls

Mature Content

Raffle Prize #3 For AnnaRecksun by DanielleXGrimson

Mature Content

Raffle Prize #2 for AnnaRecksun by DanielleXGrimson

Mature Content

Free Raffle Winner - Catgirl Natural by Otocai

Mature Content

Free Raffle Winner - Twi by Otocai
Mature - Catgirl Lineart

Mature Content

TIGRA by NOORA (10232017)A by rodelsm21

Mature Content

Two Of a Kind sketch by Bertman01

Mature Content

Schoolgirl Kitties Stuffed in a Locker by TraceMem

Mature Content

Order Up! (17+) by krocialblack
Cosplay Catgirls
Soft kitty by FrancineCaroline
LEGO Master Tigress by CCB-18
Kairel as Alice by CCB-18
Kairel as Belle by CCB-18
Photomanipulation Catgirls
TFwulfet as the Catwoman From Channel 6 by TheFelineAlchemist
MMmmh what Do I do now? by tsilver
Scented Candle by Rkelic
Challenge Entry by Rkelic
Graphic story - sequence
Bucky o' hare future chronicles. post war memoirs. by adamnorde583

Random from Featured

Furry by y400k
Mature content
Furry :icony400k:y400k 106 19
Scarlet in Biro by jollyjack Scarlet in Biro :iconjollyjack:jollyjack 1,562 72 Felicia by Deviant-BELLUM Felicia :icondeviant-bellum:Deviant-BELLUM 240 34 Pet My Pussy by shakealicious
Mature content
Pet My Pussy :iconshakealicious:shakealicious 411 95
Rough sketch25 - felicia by ultimatewp Rough sketch25 - felicia :iconultimatewp:ultimatewp 170 11 The Kiss Commission by Captain34
Mature content
The Kiss Commission :iconcaptain34:Captain34 25 0
Samurai cat girl by tickledpinky Samurai cat girl :icontickledpinky:tickledpinky 6,588 1,115 Merry Christmas Cosplayers by BunniKez Merry Christmas Cosplayers :iconbunnikez:BunniKez 35 21 Can I have a push? by shakealicious Can I have a push? :iconshakealicious:shakealicious 507 77 Darkstalkers: Felicia by TPollockJR Darkstalkers: Felicia :icontpollockjr:TPollockJR 373 37 just moi by feliciaplz just moi :iconfeliciaplz:feliciaplz 94 18 Felicia by ahson Felicia :iconahson:ahson 110 9 So... now whut? by Weenie2
Mature content
So... now whut? :iconweenie2:Weenie2 40 24
It's there in her eyes by Weenie2
Mature content
It's there in her eyes :iconweenie2:Weenie2 126 6
Nina by emy-lee69 Nina :iconemy-lee69:emy-lee69 405 25 Scottys Prank by Captain34
Mature content
Scottys Prank :iconcaptain34:Captain34 162 12


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Feedback may be more appropriate if directed to the specific artist in question, as group is mainly a gallery site.
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